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Loving love in all its many forms

captured to last for generations.

​ On your special day a picture is worth so much more. It is a time machine back to one of the most important days or moments of your life. After the moments is over/gone, you will rely on your photographs to take you back in time to your day of joy. A flashback to one of the best days or times of your life, need it be your wedding the birth of your child, your growing family or any other moment in time that is special to you.

 Capturing love in all its forms 


for you to 

share with the world

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer, a mom, lover of love, laughter and traveling. Most days you can find me in my sweats running around the house playing with my four awesome kids. We spend a lot of our time making up games to play around the house and eating Chic-Fil-A or Crazy Bowl & Wraps, which are my favorite non-home cooked meal. Or, we all pile in my King-sized bed and watch action movies, we are HUGE Marvel Universe fans. On those special days I get total "me time" I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends, going for drinks and bowling.
I have always been in love with photography and studied it in college. I have taken my camera to places all over the world just to bring back a little bit of each places uniqueness with me. Being able to show the world love in all its many forms through the moments I see through my camera keeps my passion for it alive and strong. I am in love with love and a hopeless romantic, so capturing your love story on your special day or special moments with your family or friends is the greatest honor to me. I hope to give everyone I work with a little bit of my passion and love for life and love in each portrait I take that they can keep with them to remember and share their special moments for generations to come.

I'm Lauren.


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